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20:30 RU News roundup - Tuesday, 6 April
20:22 PO Presidency trio defence ministers discuss Strategic Compass
18:53 HE IJS researchers with two major publications in only two days (adds)
details in last 4 para
18:11 PO Extension of accreditations to colleges annulled by top court (adds)
reactions by universities, ministry in last 4 para
17:44 HE Survey shows pandemic taking toll on students' mental health
17:07 HE Upper chamber fails to veto water act changes
16:52 PO Centre for whistleblowers launches core committee
16:50 HE Initiatives for referendum on water act changes gain momentum (adds)
SD, Left support in penultimate 4 para
16:17 BE Stock market sees heavy trading in Krka shares
16:14 AC Hungary honours Dušan Bavdek from Music Academy
16:00 PO Logar to visit Bavaria in June
15:30 SE Schedule of events for Wednesday, 7 April
15:22 BE Registered jobless total down 6.1% to 82,638 in March
14:58 BE Fiscal Council notes Q1 deficit almost half of planned annual deficit
14:00 AS Weather: Changeable with snow storms
13:21 HE Over 270 coronavirus cases confirmed on Monday, seven deaths (adds)
info, statements in para 4 and final 6 paras
13:00 AS Snow disrupting traffic across Slovenia
11:53 BE New registrations down 23% last year due to epidemic
10:36 AC Maja Šorli wins Grum Award for best new play
9:58 PO Dnevnik says Kurz-led coalition on vaccine failed
9:31 PO Reporter speculates Janša might resign
8:49 PO Delo comments on superpower donations to Balkans
8:37 PO Daily headlines - Tuesday, 6 April
6:30 AS Weather: Snow as cold snap bites
0:15 SE Schedule of events for Tuesday, 6 April
0:05 AD News from Slovenia
News count: 26