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21:36 RU News roundup - Thursday, 8 November
21:36 BE Polycom wins Delo's 2018 Business Star Award
20:38 PO SD expresses strong support for Global Compact for Migration
20:36 PO Šarec and Sanchez call for enhanced functioning of EU
19:30 PO Hate speech has become mainstream, debate warns
18:21 PO Police withdraw invitation to Jelinčič for interview about Left
17:29 PO Janša, Peterle and Bogovič comment on Weber's assets
17:24 PO Minister Bandelli under fire over foreboding remark about mayor candidate
17:09 AS Russian POWs display sheds light on little known chapter of WWI history
16:44 ST New football team coach presents first roster, Kampl retires
16:00 AS Weather: Patchy clouds in most of the country
15:57 BE Owners, executives of two companies plead guilty in EU funds fraud case
15:51 BE Stock market index gains 0.69%
15:32 SE Schedule of events for Friday, 9 November
15:31 PO Serb Orthodox community planning to build church in Koper
15:00 RU News roundup - Thursday, 8 November, until 3 PM
14:25 PO Slovenia to get first woman army general
13:51 AS Gas explosion severely damages apartment building in Maribor
13:16 PO New auditing legislation to be fast-tracked
13:15 ST Čeferin sole candidate for UEFA boss
12:03 HE Slovenian sea getting cleaner
11:54 BE Trimo gives up steel constructions as part of streamlining effort
11:29 BE EU Commission downgrades Slovenia's growth forecast for 2018, 2019
11:25 BE Overview of latest GDP growth forecasts for Slovenia
11:00 PO DeSUS leveraging its votes to seek higher pensions
10:20 BE NLB order book reportedly full, price at bottom of range
9:56 BE Half of Slovenians shopped online in past 12 months
9:37 BE Paper says minimum wage overhaul proposal fails to consider all aspects
8:56 PO Dnevnik foretells fierce political fighting in US
8:40 PO Daily headlines - Thursday, 8 November
8:21 PO Delo comes down hard on Trump in analysis of midterms
7:00 AS Weather: Quite sunny
1:00 BE Finance comments on latest minimum wage proposal
1:00 PO Večer hopes new era starts in state-municipalities relations
1:00 AS Paper critical of drinking "culture" in Slovenia
1:00 PO Demokracija condemns Marrakesh declaration
0:30 BE Agriculture Minister Pivec starting Hong Kong visit
0:30 PO Prime Minister Šarec paying working visit to Spain
0:15 SE Schedule of events for Thursday, 8 November
0:05 AD News from Slovenia
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