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Ljubljana, 15 June - THE DELO: "WANTED: GEORGE BUSH" - If we try to project ourselves into the mind of George Bush and the United States and their pragmatical, cool calculations regarding the possibility of military intervention by U.S. troops in the Balkans, we may say that they are currently doing all it is in their power to do: Washington continues to put on the political pressure, U.S. Ambassador Perkins is making efforts in the United Nations to persuade as many U.N. member-states as possible to agree to cancel Yugoslavia's membership in this organization, the International Monetary Fund and the CSCE. This would refute Belgrade's claim to the right of continuity, i.e. the inheritance of former Yugoslavia, writes Mitja Meršol in the Topic of the Day column. President George Bush's administration has given consistent support to all the economic sanctions against the FRY passed by the U.N. Security Council, yet in the eyes of the American public, such a course of action is regarded as "weak". George Bush who has lost a certain amount of popularity in this electoral year, would like to project the image of a decisive leader in the field, but at the same time, his military advisors have no doubt pointed out that a military intervention in the Balkans can not be carried out without shedding the blood of U.S. soldiers. That, in any event, would hardly contribute to raising his popularity, concluded Mitja Meršol.

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