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The Delo: The division of Bosnia

Ljubljana, 13 July - Only one conclusion of the drama in Bosnia and Herzegovina (BiH) now seems possible, after the attack carried out in full force by Serbian units in Goražde in eastern Bosnia. It is the most unpleasant option; the one that everyone has been afraid to face: the final division of Bosnia, wrote Danilo Slivnik in the Topic of the Day column of today's Delo.
The author of the article then points out that the new political configuration of the republic now connecting Serbia with the self-proclaimed autonomous Serbian territory of Kninska krajina in the north and Croatia with Herzegovina in the south, has become an undeniable reality. We could almost say that all international diplomatic efforts to stop the war in BiH have been so slow that Serbia has been able to penetrate deep into northeastern Bosnia after all, and to create a "connecting zone" that can no longer be threatened either by possible military intervention aimed at creating a corridor for humanitarian aid shipments to Sarajevo, nor by the fall of Milošević himself. From now on, the essence of all lies in pure pragmatism, i.e. in those real interests and the actual state of affairs - both of which Western diplomats are also best at dealing with, and which already allow for a cessation of hostilities and the commencement of long years of negotiation. This also is a result which many will no doubt be pleased about, concluded Danilo Slivnik.

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