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The Delo: A delayed reaction to the challenge of change

Ljubljana, 13 July - At its third summit meeting in Helsinki, the Conference on Security and Cooperation in Europe finally transformed itself from the debating club and forum for cooperation it had previously been into a real regional organization with a sufficiently strong network of institutions and adequate mechanisms for solving conflicts. Yet, although the CSCE has made a very realistic political declaration and mapped out a detailed course of its future actions, there is a serious danger that the realization of the former will, in practice, not be able to keep pace with the "challenge of change", wrote Ms. Romana Dobnikar-Šeruga for today's Delo.
As the CSCE does not and will not have a security council, and insists on passing decisions by consensus, the process leading to a consensus on the deployment of U.N. Peacekeeping forces will always be a complex task involving considerable delay. Meanwhile, crisis points are already flaring up in Moldova and Ossetia, not to mention the darkest possible outcome of the growing tension between the two new military and nuclear powers - the Ukraine and the Russian Federation, looming on the horizon, pointed out the commentator.

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