Delo: The Beginning of the End?

Ljubljana, 5 August - Despite unequivocal international recognition, Bosnia and Herzegovina (B&H) may be facing the end of its existence as an independent state. The Serbian forces have launched into a forceful offensive to complete the ethnic "purification" of all Serbian-occupied territory in B&H, writes Marko Pečauer in the Topic of the Day column of today's Delo.
Perhaps it is still too early to speak of the final outcome of the concluding operations. If the ethnic "purification" of the Serbian territories is carried out swiftly and without difficulty, then it can be expected that those who would like to see the entire republic of Bosnia and Herzegovina annexed by the "parent state of the Serbian nation" (the new Yugoslav Federation) will begin demanding the realization of this goal again. In the opposite case, we can expect the division of Bosnia and Herzegovina into Serbian, Croatian and Moslem sections. If this will be the case, then the legal Bosnian authorities will definitely have no jurisdiction whatsoever in the Serbian sector and probably not in the Croatian sector of Bosnia and Herzegovina, either.

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