Delo: Ships for Bosnia and Herzegovina

Ljubljana, 7 August - Some of the western diplomats are beginning to wonder, what the navy is doing in the Adriatic sea. There have been whisperings and cautious rumors that the real reason for the naval blockade of Serbia is not understood either by the NATO generals or by those in charge in the WEU, writes Damijan Slabe in the morning edition of Delo.
He stresses further, that the navy ships of NATO and the WEU in the Adriatic sea probably practice communication between each other and thus ease the bad conscience of those western politicians who believe that any other military intervention would be too complicated, too dangerous and would last too long. It is quite clear that the West is trying to establish its own political interests in Bosnia. This means that the WEU and NATO are measuring their political power and influence in Europe after the end of the cold war, that France with its idle talk about possible intervention in the Balkan crisis, is trying to diminish the influence of the USA and show western Europe how to protect its own safety in future. Somewhat confused fighters for peace led by Butros Gali together with the CSCE are proof that the Balkan crisis has sprung upon them when they were quite unprepared.

© STA, 1992