The Farse Called Peace Negotiations

Ljubljana, 25 August - Once the scenario of the superconference in London has been made known, we can only hope that it will prove a complete failure because it confirms the pessimistic prognosis that Serbia is coming to the conference as a winner, especially if the rules of the game as imposed by Gali, Hurd and Carrington are accepted, writes Romana Dobnikar-Šeruga in the tomorrow's Delo.
Not only did the great architects of the new Balkan peace order not want to unnecessarily "upset" the Serbs by labeling them as the aggressors, but they also left enough manouvering space for the distribution of blame among "all parties in the conflict" - including Slovenia. Whatsmore, they showed their partiality in advance and humiliated all "non-Yugoslav non-Serbs" with the proposal that, in addition to English and French, the only other official language of the conference be Serbian, adds the author.

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