Mountaineer Boštjan Kekec Dies in Himalayas

Ljubljana, 17 June - MOUNTAINEERING/K2
The members of the Slovenian mountaineering expedition K2 1993, Stipe Božič, Viki Grošelj and Zvonko Požgaj, as well as Carlos Carsolio from Mexico, reached the summit of K2 on Sunday, June 13, at 4 p.m. Yet their success left a bitter aftertaste, for the mountain had claimed the life of the 34 year old mountaineer from Škofje, Boštjan Kekec, who died as a result of altitude sickness. The news was reported via satellite by the members of the expedition. Boštjan Kekec was a member of the Šfofja Loka Mountaineering Club, and by profession was an instructor in the army. He had begun mountain-climbing in 1976, and had since then completed 900 ascents. The most memorable among these were the climbing of several peaks in the Cordilleri Blanca mountain range, and the ascent of the north-western rockface of Mount Shivling in the Himalayas.

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