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jubljana, 21 June (STA) - National Assembly Deputies have begun their June session. After adopting an agenda the leadership of the Assembly adjourned for half an hour and then called a meeting of the Assembly leadership. An interpellation on the work of the Minister of Justice, Miha Kozinc, was removed from the agenda following a proposal by Jožef Školč.***

        The National Assembly will be dealing with 35 items, among which are a proposal on contributions for pension and disability insurance schemes, medical care and employment and a proposal for amending the Law on Salaries of Employees in Public Education Institutions. The Deputies voted against the proposal to discuss the material labelled "national secret - top secret" referring to the phone-tapping affair, and decided to postpone it until the next National Assembly session. The adoption of the following documents is to be discussed at this meeting: the standing orders of the National Assembly, the draft of standing orders on the work of the enquiry commission and of parliamentary enquiries, the draft of the Law on Road Transport, the draft of the Law on the Securities Market, the Annual Report of the Bank of Slovenia. The Deputies are also expected to discuss relations between Slovenia and Croatia.

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