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20:16 RU News roundup - Thursday, 16 January
18:34 BE Personalised books netted Slovenian company EUR 27m in 2019
16:14 BE Krka pushes Ljubljana stock index lower
16:00 PO Opposition Democrats table bill for conscription revival
15:36 HE Slovenia exchanges 60 organs with Eurotransplant a year
15:30 SE Schedule of events for Friday, 17 January
15:06 AS Weather: Sunny in the west
14:47 HE Medical Chamber drafts own bill to reduce waiting times
14:04 BE Basketball star made Slovenian tourism ambassador
13:58 BE More money set aside in 2020 for community work placements
13:35 AS Ljubljana mayor's son found guilty of abetting forgery
13:33 PO Judicial Council-backed candidates favourites for Slovenian EU judges
13:21 PO Left fails to get support for condemnation of US policy towards Iran
12:44 BE Slovenia continues to be attractive to Austrian investors
12:10 BE Slovenian households better off in 2019
9:33 PO Delo looks at call for archbishop's resignation
8:59 AC Dnevnik criticises govt's culture-related hypocrisy
8:50 PO Daily headlines - Thursday, 16 January
7:18 PO PM Šarec: Whoever is new DeSUS leader will be my partner
6:30 AS Weather: Quite clear and chilly
1:00 PO Demokracija says Iran-NLB case comes with an inconvenience
1:00 PO Večer sees Šarec playing risky game with DeSUS
1:00 BE Paper sees political motives behind bad bank's plans
0:15 SE Schedule of events for Thursday, 16 January
0:05 AD News from Slovenia
News count: 25