Breakthrough for the Ljubljana Stock Exchange

Monday session brought a breakthrough to the Ljubljana Stock Exchange as after several years of waiting the first shares of any of the privatized Slovene enterprises entered quotation, and the first dematerialized securities (the Development Fund bonds) were joined by two further dematerialized issues, namely the A banka bonds and the Kolinska food processing industry Ltd. registered shares, the first dematerialized shares to enter quotation. Thus, after 50 years the Kolinska shares were listed again at the Ljubljana stock exchange, Kolinska becoming the first enterprise to fulfil its promise given to its shareholders that it would see to its shares entering quotation at the Ljubljana stock exchange at the shortest possible notice. The total face value of the Kolinska shares amounts to over SIT 3 billion, with its regular shares price on the first day of quotation being SIT 1124 (Par value SIT 1000) and 36 deals being made, worth SIT 2.3 million.

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