Survey: Employers Announce 3,800 New Jobs in Second Half

Ljubljana, 4 June - The latest employment forecast by the Employment Service shows there is some optimism among the surveyed employers, who have announced a total of 3,800 new jobs in the second half of the year, which would increase the number of employed persons by 0.65%.

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Foto: Domen Grögl/STA
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The survey was carried out in April and May among 2,900 companies employing a total of 595,700 people. The number is expected to increase to 599,500 in the next six months.

Overall number of employees is expected to increase in manufacturing, construction, transport, logistics, hospitality and commerce.

Most of the workers will be hired as replacements, and a smaller number due to expansion.

The profiles that will be sought the most are welders, drivers, workers in manufacturing, tool makers, merchants, cleaners, bartenders, masons, kindergarten teachers and their assistants and butchers.

The demand for most of these professions has been high on the market for quite a while, Tjaša Redek of the Ljubljana Faculty of Economics, one of the authors of the survey, commented on the results.

She added that region-wise, workers would see most job opportunities in the Ljubljana area and in Maribor, Celje, Koper and Kranj.

The survey has also shown certain structural imbalances on the market, with a fifth of the employees saying they had a shortage of adequate staff, with the share standing at almost 30% for large companies.

A quarter of the surveyed employers are optimistic about the future. The most optimistic sectors are finance and insurance, construction, hospitality and ICT.

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