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21:27 RU News roundup - Thursday, 22 September
20:26 PO President voices opposition to ambassador recall again
19:54 PO Ombudsman: Use of force at 5 October rally disproportionate
19:52 PO Freedom Movement to back Brglez in presidential race (adds)
Brglez's statement, info on backing by SD
19:32 BE Sustainability in focus of economy ambassadors' event
18:29 PO Govt allocates EUR 3.6 million for Kras firefighting operation (adds)
more info from para 5 on
18:27 BE Fiscal Council deems revised budget unrealistic, risky (adds)
response from Business Club in final para
17:43 PO SDS mounts ouster attempt against Foreign Minister Fajon (adds)
response by Fajon, Freedom Movement and Left in final 9 paras
17:39 PO Slovenia to help Pakistan in floods aftermath
17:38 PO Govt appoints Ana Kerševan as new state attorney general
17:20 BE Govt more than doubling aid to businesses due to energy crisis (adds)
extra info in para 3, 4
17:10 BE Company in charge of Koper-Divača rail project gets new supervisors
16:52 HE Pharmacy Chamber urges legislative changes to allow procurement of drugs (adds)
Health Ministry in final 2 paras
16:43 PO Govt adopts bill to freeze prices of school meals, dorm fees
16:34 PO Govt more than doubles non-transferable paternity leave
16:14 BE Stock market flashing red
16:09 BE Govt adopts long-term roadmap for renewables
16:07 BE Panvita food company says corn yields catastrophic
16:02 PO In Brussels, Han calls for solidarity-based approach to energy crisis (adds)
statements by Han, info in final 6 paras
16:01 BE Rural Network Project launches EUR 160m investment cycle
16:00 BE Retail workers want better pay, conditions
15:30 SE Schedule of events for Friday, 23 September
15:00 RU News roundup - Thursday, 22 September, until 3pm
14:41 BE Slovenia climbs to 13th spot in European innovation scoreboard
14:30 PO SSH overhauls supervisory board of power utility HSE
14:06 AS Weather: Mostly sunny
13:40 PO Analysis: Major turning point in election campaign already happened (feature)
13:30 AC Exhibition explores Czech-Slovenian ties over centuries
13:19 AC MSUM exhibition explores how transition affected art and work
13:03 PO CoE urges better conditions for Roma, more awareness of minority communities
13:02 HE Covid situation broadly unchanged
12:27 AC Stanza's The Reader at the centre of Speculum Artium festival
12:20 BE Average earnings down substantially in real terms
11:58 AC Sarajevo Safari, when monsters rise from people (interview)
11:09 BE Consumer confidence continues to decline
11:07 PO Pahor marks 30 years of UN declaration on minority rights
9:18 HE Health Ministry's budget expanding by EUR 210m
8:47 PO Dnevnik sees Russia shifting the war to "its soil"
8:37 PO Delo sees Putin's latest move as admission of failure
8:11 PO Daily headlines - Thursday, 22 September
7:00 AC Photo exhibition of early Laibach tour opens in Ljubljana
6:30 AS Weather: Sunny
1:00 PO Paper comments on twists ahead of presidential election
0:30 PO Campaign starts in earnest ahead of presidential election
0:15 SE Schedule of events for Thursday, 22 September
0:05 AD News from Slovenia
News count: 46