Endurance required for this weekend's recreation

Ljubljana, 29 June - Amateur athletes will have a diverse selection of major events this week, but all of them will require endurance.

Mountain biker Luka Mezgec.
Photo:Stanko Gruden/STA

Endurance runners will gather near Kranj, at Trboje Lake on the Sava, on Saturday for a 12-hour run starting at 7 AM.

The 5.55 km circle will take them through the nearby settlements of Žerjavka, Prebačevo and Voklo.

In the Soča Valley in western Slovenia a mountain bike marathon will be held on Sunday.

The 45-kilometre track around Tolmin and Kobarid is intended for well prepared riders, as the highest point exceeds 1,400 metres above sea level.

A completely different experience awaits runners the day before at the latest "caveathlon", an event for trios.

The run through five kilometres of abandoned coal mine shafts between Trbovlje and Hrastnik features a mine-themed obstacle course and takes runners hundreds of metres underground.

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