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21:33 RU News roundup - Tuesday, 23 November
21:27 PO Govt visit to Pomurje focused on agriculture projects and youth drain
19:53 HE Top health officials warn about possibility of fifth Covid wave
18:59 PO Opposition urges emergency session on higher care home fees
17:28 PO Slovenia remembers defender of its northern border (adds)
statements by President Pahor, Speaker Zorčič and defence ministry
17:00 PO Hojs discusses fighting terrorism at Atlas network meeting
16:56 HE Bishops urge vaccination and aid to hospitals
16:17 BE Impairments, provisions continue to raise banks' profit
16:16 BE SBI TOP flat as Krka dominates trading
16:00 PO EPPO to decide on appointment of Slovenian prosecutors on Wednesday
15:36 BE Survey shows 27% of employees in Slovenia experienced fraud
15:34 SE Schedule of events for Wednesday, 24 November
15:18 AC Slovenia drops to 8th place in design creativity in SE Europe
15:12 RU News roundup - Tuesday, 23 November, until 3pm
15:06 PO MPs offer polarized views on proposed budget spending increase
14:59 PO Indictment against prominent lawyer withdrawn
14:00 AS Weather: Quite sunny with freezing morning
11:41 HE Coronavirus infections keep receding (adds)
recasts with hospital, fatality, jab figures
11:13 BE Consumer confidence down for fifth consecutive month
10:52 PO President's climate panel calls for debate on energy
8:58 PO Dnevnik analyses migration situation at Belarus-Polish border
8:41 HE Delo argues in favour of mandatory vaccination
8:08 PO Daily headlines - Tuesday, 23 November
7:25 SE Schedule of events for Tuesday, 23 November
6:30 AS Weather: Partly clear
6:00 PO Finance calls for positive communication ahead of winter
6:00 PO Večer hopeful about Slovenian-Croatian relations
6:00 PO Govt touring Pomurje region
0:05 AD News from Slovenia
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