State-of-the-art planetarium opens at farmstay in Olimje

Podčetrtek, 8 August - Stargazers of all ages can enjoy a trip to the Moon and back at a recently opened state-of-the-art planetarium at a farmstay near the Terme Olimia spa resort in eastern Slovenia.

Podčetrtek, Olimje
A planetarium opens at a farmstay in eastern Slovenia.
Photo: Jelenov Greben Farmstay

A 360-degree dome at the Jelenov Greben Farmstay, operated by Odiseja Planetariji, provides immersive projections of the space, which can be hard to imagine because of its size.

"We bring [space] closer to you and we simulate objects in space and time," said Andreja Malus of Odiseja Planetariji.

According to her, visitors are taken to the stars as well as through time to the Big Bang and supernovas.

The planetarium also features various events, such as lunar and solar eclipse viewings, and star gazing for everyone above the age of four.

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