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Bears reproducing well in Slovenia

Ljubljana, 4 October - The number of brown bears in Slovenia rose by a third to around 550 in 2007-2015, according to a survey conducted as part of the Life Dinalp Bear project. While the number of sightings has also been growing recently, there was no surge in damage or conflicts with the beast.

The brown bear.
Photo: Tamino Petelinšek/STA
File photo

According to the head of the research, Tomaž Skrbinšek, the study indicates that the number of bears stands between 533 and 598.

The study is still ongoing, as the figures about the population of bear in Croatia are still being processed.

Recent hike in bear sightings has also spurred a debate in the public about how to manage the numbers of the protected beast.

"We as society have to decide with how many bears we can live. We can bring down their number or people can increase their tolerance," Skrbinšek said.

Moreover, bears, one of the three great beasts living in Slovenia aside from wolf and lynx, are becoming a major attraction as tourists come to Slovenia from around the world to go on photo hunts in hope of sighting the animal in its natural habitat.

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