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21:16 RU News roundup - Wednesday, 25 January
21:06 BE Ivo Boscarol honoured for lifetime achievement
19:38 AC NLB launching Southeast Europe art collection
18:23 AC Granny's Sexual Life nominated for Cezar
18:08 BE Tourist arrivals up nearly 47% to 5.9 million last year (adds)
comments by STO, minister in last 7 para
17:28 PO Pope Francis shocked by allegations against Rupnik
17:20 HE Marko Jug appointed UKC Ljubljana boss with full powers
16:44 PO Golob welcomes Germany's decision to send Leopards to Ukraine
16:20 BE Central bank downgrades GDP growth to 4.7% for 2022
16:18 PO Golob expects expertise and courage from diplomats
16:12 AS Beef tartare confirmed as cause of salmonella outbreak in November
16:00 BE Bleak day on Ljubljana Stock Exchange
15:57 PO Foreign Ministry optimistic about Slovenia's UN Security Council bid
15:30 SE Schedule of events for Thursday, 26 January
15:08 PO New foreign policy strategy needed due to changed global situation
15:00 RU News roundup - Wednesday, 25 January, until 3pm
14:54 PO District heating price cap reducing monthly bill by over EUR 40 in some cases
14:06 PO President and minority MPs discuss health reform
13:59 PO Social care facilities heads demand higher pay as well
13:30 BE Minister announces busy investment, legislative year for energy sector
13:24 HE Mild winters not sparing Bloke Plateau, cradle of skiing in Central Europe
13:00 AS Weather: More of the same
12:54 AC CORRECTION: Comic book tells story of Nazi massacre
corrects last name of the author
12:36 BE Business sentiment drops again in January
11:43 HE Slovenian researchers win award for treating dog dementia
11:29 PO Fajon: Slovenia must think about global challenges (adds)
more statements by Fajon
11:27 BE Analysis confirms pay disparities in public sector
10:31 AC Regional museum in Maribor celebrating 120-year anniversary
9:11 PO Delo warns against Germany being stuck in its Ostpolitik
8:54 PO Delo comments on museum merger
8:30 PO Daily headlines - Wednesday, 25 January
6:30 AS Weather: Partly clear in the west, cloudy elsewhere
1:00 PO Večer says Serbia will have to choose between Europe and Russia
1:00 BE Passenger transport deserves more attention, paper says
1:00 PO Dnevnik comments on government restructuring
0:30 PO Diplomats meeting at Brdo to discuss foreign policy strategy
0:15 SE Schedule of events for Wednesday, 25 January
0:05 AD News from Slovenia
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