Fancy a game of Ping-Pong over the border fence?

Novo Mesto, 30 July - The Simulaker gallery in Novo Mesto is launching an interactive exhibition tonight that will allow the visitors to partake in a game of Ping-Pong over the border fence between Slovenia and Croatia.

A border fence between Croatia and Slovenia.
Photo: Nebojša Tejić/STA
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The installation comes after an artist, active internationally under the pseudonym name:, played a game of table tennis with a partner over the fence along the Kolpa river in April.

The pair played the game standing on ladders on each side of the border over a high top table set across the hard wire fence so that the upper inches of the wiring served as the net.

A recording of the performance will now be screened in the gallery, while the visitors will be invited to scale ladders to engage in symbolic inter-government ping-pong over a similar table.

Meanwhile, the gallery's walls will showcase blown-up texts written by Anej Korsika, Miha Turk and Izidor Barši in comment of the performance, the exhibition's curator Anja Zver has told the STA.

In one of the texts Turk says that playing Ping-Pong over the border fence may seem grotesque, noting that the structure obstructs the crossing of the border for unwanted people, makes it difficult for locals to access the Kolpa, hinders tourism and divides the biosphere, reducing the natural habitat of the wildlife.

"All with the purpose of preventing the 'illegal' crossing of the Schengen border. The fence is ineffective, as many individuals continue to cross the border on a daily basis, however, a lot of them die on the way, or something happens to them, between the bears and the Croats."

The gallery added that the installation reflects on the phenomenon of border fences as well as on the way the two countries deal with unresolved issues which often turns into an endless ping-pong of proposals, conditions, suggestions and ultimatums.

The installation will be open until 10 August.

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