Slovenian comic art to be presented in Berlin in September

Berlin, 22 August - The Slovenian comic magazine Stripburger and its comic artists have announced an exhibition of "Slovenian comics delicacies with a distinctive international flavour" at the Neurotitan Gallery in Berlin, opening on 6 September.

An exhibition of comic books by Slovenian authors
Photo: Stanko Gruden/STA

According to Stripburger, the exhibition will be dedicated to more than a quarter of a century old print production by the magazine, its continuous publication and activities on the Slovenian and international comic scene.

The topic of the exhibition, named Stripburger in Print: Since 1992, will be original drawings by Slovenian artists alongside creations by foreign comic artists who work with Stripburger in Berlin.

A wide range of printed material from Stripburger's archive will be presented, such as silkscreen posters, comic books and special editions, including Honey Talks, Greetings from Cartoonia, GolažGollage, Stripble and Workburger.

The comic artists will also present their project Sosledja, which explores the narrative art and introduces new triptychs - graphics from seven artists, which are narratively connected.

The visitors will also be able to see animated adaptations of comics published in the magazine. Screening of the animated film by Swedish comic artist and director Max Andersson will add variety to the exhibition on 13 September.

The exhibition, which aims to present a variety of independent comic creations to the international public, will be on display until 28 September.

The Slovenian comic artists will also present their work at several other events in Berlin. They will launch the final exhibition of the international comic project ComiXconnection at the Museum of European Cultures on 12 September.

Three days later, Stripburger editor David Krančan will speak at the Graphic Novel Day event, hosted by the Berlin International Literature Festival.

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