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Police escort to woman in labour helps save baby's life

Slovenj Gradec, 28 November - Two Slovenj Gradec police officers arguably saved the life of a baby by helping a women in labour get to the hospital faster and receive the medical attention she urgently needed. The baby's father expressed his gratitude to police and the medical staff in a letter, which the Celje police department published on Facebook.

A baby boy.
Photo: Tamino Petelinšek/STA

Officers Sebastjan Lorber and Željko Nikačević pulled over a speeding car on 14 September only to learn that the reason for speeding was a woman in labour.

The officers immediately offered to help, providing the couple police escort to the hospital. The officers also informed the hospital of their arrival, so a medical team was already waiting for the woman, which proved crucial, as she urgently needed a C-section.

"My wife was in awful pain in the car, so she asked me to start overtaking. Compared to the contractions at the birth of our first son, this time everything was different, not the way it should be," said the lucky father of three.

He is convinced that it was the police escort and assistance that helped save his son's life when minutes mattered.

"We followed the police van and reached the hospital in a matter of minutes ... They waited for us with stretchers at the door ... The obstetrician who took over my spouse immediately called a team and they started performing an urgent C-section. Matic's pulse was weak."

"According to the paediatrician who took care of him, Matic did not even have 10 more minutes," the father wrote in the letter published by the Celje police department on Wednesday.

The baby was later transferred to the Ljubljana paediatric hospital where he stayed for almost one month in what the father said was the "most difficult time" for the family.

"We are living in a time when people are loud when it comes to criticism, pointing fingers and blaming others, but not nearly as generous when it comes to gratitude. That is why I want to point out that all we experienced was professional, selfless work of all those who took care of Matic and us," the father said.

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