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First ever ice cream made of Slovenian vanilla

Dobrovnik, 26 June - Ice cream enthusiasts in Slovenia can rejoice, particularly those having a penchant for vanilla flavours, since a first ever ice cream made of locally sourced vanilla has been made in the north-east of the country. Orchid grower Ocean Orchids and chocolaterie Passero joined forces to come up with the product, perfect for summertime.

Tasting of the first ever ice cream made of Slovenian vanilla.
Photo: Marjan Maučec/STA

Tasting of the first ever ice cream made of Slovenian vanilla.
Photo: Marjan Maučec/STA

The organic vanilla is grown in an Ocean Orchids tropical garden and is of the highest quality, said the Dobrovnik-based company, which started growing the fragrant spice in 2007.

This year's crop has been the biggest so far with 220 vanilla fruits, the only edible fruit of the orchid family.

Ocean Orchids has been cooperating with a French institute of tropical plants based on Réunion Island, a French department in the Indian Ocean, and expects to soon receive a shipment of high-quality, commercially-grown vanilla species.

The company would like to expand its vanilla-growing business, said Ocean Orchids director Tomaž Jevšnik at a recent presentation of the ice cream in Dobrovnik.

Primary students of a local bilingual school participated in the ice cream tasting and the new flavour has received high grades, reportedly higher than those given to the students in school.

Vanilla is currently the second costliest flavouring in the world, right behind saffron, and is very much in demand. The prices reach between EUR 500 and EUR 600 per kilogram, same as silver, said Jevšnik, adding that vanilla was famous for fusing and balancing out different aromas.

The ice cream, dubbed Ocean Vanilla, is available in a tropical bar at the garden in Dobrovnik and at the Passero chocolaterie in Tešanovci.

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