Slovenia could donate beehives to all EU member states

Ljubljana, 6 July - The Slovenian Beekeeping Association would like Slovenia to donate one bee house with two beehives to each EU member state while it presides over the bloc in 2021. It believes that with this symbolic gesture, the country would remind the world of the need to jointly take care of bees and other pollinators.

A typical beehive decoration with a variety of folk motifs on Slovenian beehives.
Photo: Tamino Petelinšek/STA
File photo

Traditional Slovenian painted beehive panels.
Photo: Tina Kosec/STA

"Our country is aware of the role of beekeeping and sustainable management of natural resources, so it would be right to show it to the Council of the EU with a symbolic gesture," reads the initiative, which has recently been addressed to the prime minister, the president and the heads of both chambers of parliament.

The beekeepers believe this special gift "epitomises the rich tradition of Slovenian beekeeping and the folk art of beehive decoration" while also presenting Slovenia as "a land of wood".

The association also recalls that Slovenia has donated beehives before, for instance to the Vatican and the United Nations.

It was in 2017 that the UN declared World Bee Day on Slovenia's initiative, in remembrance of Slovenian pioneer of beekeeping Anton Janša, who was born on 20 May, 1734.

The international day, celebrated in 2018 for the first time, acknowledges the role of bees and other pollinators for ecosystems.

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