Metod Pevec wins best director award in Croatia

Pula, 4 September - Acclaimed Slovenian director Metod Pevec, 62, has received the best director award in the category of Croatian minority co-productions at the 67th Pula Film Festival. His 2019 Slovenian-Croatian-Macedonian-Serbian co-production I'm Frenk (Jaz Sem Frenk) is a drama confronting socialist and capitalist values.

Film director Metod Pevec.
Photo: Daniel Novakovič/STA
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The jury said director, screenwriter, actor and writer Pevec has directed an impressive film about the clash of one's idealism and the cruelty of post-transition times.

This is not the first award for Pevec at Croatia's oldest festival; in 2011 his Lahko Noč, Gospodična (Good Night, Missy) won the Golden Arena for best cinematography, for best leading actress and for best director in the section of minority co-productions.

Pevec has directed a number of feature and documentary films and has received a number of awards. One of his recent award-winning films is Home (2015), a documentary about migrant workers and social outcasts living in a boarding house in Ljubljana.

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