New book collection to present Slovenian gastronomic traditions

Ljubljana, 24 June - Slovenia's gastronomic cultural heritage will be presented in a new collection of four books entitled Gastronomy of Slovenia, written by ethnologist Janez Bogataj. Each book represents one of four gastronomic macro-regions of Slovenia, Bogataj said at Wednesday's presentation.

Ethnologist Janez Bogataj.
Photo: Nik Jevšnik/STA
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The author Janez Bogataj said that within the four gastronomic macro-regions - Central Slovenia with Ljubljana, Pannonian, Alpine and Mediterranean Slovenia - the country had a total of 24 unique gastronomic regions.

All 24 of them are included in the collection, together with their 430 selected foods, dishes and beverages, which represent the identity of Slovenia's gastronomy, presented through stories, recipes and colour photographs.

Each of the 24 regions is introduced with a colour reproduction of an artwork by various Slovenian painters of different generations. In this way, Bogataj said that he wanted to highlight the link between nature and gastronomy and Slovenia's commitment to sustainable development.

He believes that heritage can be a starting point for finding new solutions, adding that people will no longer cook like they did in the past, but old recipes can be upgraded with modern approaches.

Bogataj added that the books would not only be popular with local food and heritage lovers, they could also be useful in education in the fields of gastronomy, catering and tourism, as well as in promoting the country abroad.

Jože Podgoršek, the Minister of Agriculture, Forestry and Food, agreed with the author that the contents of the book collection were important for our country.

According to Podgoršek, gastronomy, tourism and the hospitality industry are great means for promotion, and Slovenia is already successfully using gastronomy to that end.

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