Berlin to spotlight Slovenian Alpine culture

Berlin, 12 December - On Monday the German Environment Ministry will host a literary event termed The Mountains Read featuring an Alpine-themed talk, zither music and excerpt readings from two prominent Slovenian mountaineering novels.

Mount Triglav.
Photo: Tinkara Zupan/STA
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The stars of the event will be the novels Pot (The Path) by Nejc Zaplotnik, a Slovenian climber who passed away in the Himalayas, and Transverzala (The Mountain Trail) by traveller, writer and translator Jakob J. Kenda.

The latter will also attend the talk with mountaineer Andrej Å tremfelj, translator Lars Felgner and Alpine Convention general secretary Alenka Smerkolj.

The event is hosted by the environment ministry, the Slovenian cultural information centre SKICA and the Slovenian embassy in Berlin.

Celebrating the International Mountains day, the event is also held in light of Slovenia presiding the Alpine convention in 2023 and 2024.

The Alpine Convention seeks to protect the interests of the locals while ensuring a sustainable development of the Alps.

The protection of the Alpine Convention, which Slovenia signed in 1992, covers 33.4% of Slovenian territory and 62 municipalities.

During the presidency Slovenia will focus on the quality of life, climate change education and alpine biodiversity.

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