Slovenian bishops wish Christmas bring peace, joy and new hope

Ljubljana, 24 December - In their message ahead of Christmas, Slovenian bishops wished a blessed holiday to everyone, and noted the hope that the birth of Jesus brings. "Just as the birth of a child means hope for a family, so the birth of god means hope for the entire humanity," they wrote.

A cross in the Ljubljana Cathedral.
Photo: Stanko Gruden/STA

The bishops wished all people that Christmas solidifies their faith, brings peace, joy and new hope. In the epistle, they also noted that Christmas is not only the anniversary of the birth of Jesus, but a fact that has marked the entire history.

The bishops said the birth of god transcends the boundaries of time and space, while bringing hope to all of humanity, which is "especially important at a time when we are experiencing war, various forms of violence and other forms of uncertainty."

They noted that Jesus was not born in a warm home, but while on the road, in cold and uncertainty. "Many people suffer because of different forms of injustices also today. Let us remember the lonely and weak ones, the sick ones."

The bishops wished the blessed holiday to all families and individuals, Slovenians at home, in the neighbouring countries and around the world, as well as to people from other Christian churches and communities.

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