Situation at Mura levee break remains alarming

Črenšovci, 6 August - The situation in Črenšovci municipality in eastern Slovenia, where a levee on the Mura River developed a ten-metre break Saturday evening, remains alarming. The river level continues to rise and work is hampered by extremely wet terrain.

Murska Sobota
The swollen Mura.
Photo: STA
File photo

The river discharge - the volume of water flowing through the channel - has increased from 1,350 cubic metres per second to around 1,420 cubic metres, according to the latest data by the Environment Agency.

"We cannot believe the river discharge continues to rise. Unfortunately all negative options are on the table," Črešnovci Fire Brigade commander Miroslav Vuk told the news portal N1 this morning.

About 500 people in ten villages were ordered to evacuate last night. Firefighters managed to partially plug the gap on the levee with concrete blocs to reduce the discharge, but Vuk said they were becoming powerless because the terrain is completely wet making it difficult to access the levee break.

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