Communicable diseases detected in flood-hit areas

Črna na Koroškem, 10 August - The National Institute of Public Health (NIJZ) has recorded cases of communicable diarrheal diseases in the Meža Valley in the north in the wake of devastating flooding, warning of a potential spread.

Črna na Koroškem
After floods public health authorities detect clusters of communicable disease in the flood-hit Meža Valley.
Photo: STA

"We have been detecting cases since Tuesday evening and we can expect the number of cases to spread in the coming days," the regional unit of the NIJZ has told the STA.

The cases have been detected in the municipalities along the Meža River, with somewhat more cases in Črna na Koroškem, the town at the epicentre of flooding. The clusters are isolated for the time being.

Parts of the northern Koroška region are still without water supply or water needs boiling to make it safe, which entails risks to public health.

It is not clear yet what caused the diseases, but potential risks include contaminated tap water, contaminated food, contact with contaminated debris, poor sanitary conditions and such.

The NIJZ urged following preventive measures in the given situation, advising the locals to use bottled or boiled water for consumption, brushing their teeth, and washing fruits and vegetables.

They are also advised to shower from the neck down to prevent water coming into contact with their face and mouth. They should also wash and sanitise their hands when preparing food.

The debris deposited by water should be handled with gloves.

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