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Schedule of Events from 26 August to 1 September

Ljubljana, 25 August - Schedule of events in the week from 26 August to 1 September:

MONDAY, 26 August
        JOHANNESBURG - The president of the Slovene Chamber of Commerce and Industry (GZS), Jozko Cuk, is to attend a world summit on sustainable development which is to kick off on 26 August, through 4 September. Slovene Environment Minister Janez Kopac and Foreign Minister Dimitrij Rupel are expected to join the Slovene delegation on 2 September to present the country's report on sustainable development.
        LJUBLJANA - State Prosecutor General Zdenka Cerar is to give a press conference about the latest developments in the investigation about an attack on investigative journalist Miro Petek, which took place in February 2001.
        GORNJA RADGONA - Agriculture, Food and Forestry Minister Franci But is to meet with his Croatian counterpart Bozidar Pankretic on the sidelines of the 40th international agriculture and food fair, to close on Saturday. The agriculture part of the Slovene-Croatian agreement regarding Croatia's admission to the CEFTA is to be initialled.
        LJUBLJANA - Foreign Ministry State Secretary Samuel Zbogar is to meet with a British member of the Convention on the future of the EU, Andrew Duff, who is also a MEP.

TUESDAY, 27 August
        PREDDVOR PRI KRANJU - The National Electoral Commission is due to meet to launch preparations for this autumn's presidential and local elections, due on 10 November.
        LJUBLJANA - Foreign Minister Dimitrij Rupel is to meet with heads of two umbrella organisations of the Slovene minority in Austria's Carinthia, Marjan Sturm of the Association of Slovene Organisations (ZSO) and Bernard Sadovnik of the National Council of Carinthian Slovenes (NSKS).
        GORNJA RADGONA - Slovenia's Agency for Agricultural Markets and Rural Development is to present results of a study of two projects, namely Subsidies 2001 and Direct Payments 2002 on the margin of the 40th international agriculture and food fair.
        LJUBLJANA - Presidential hopeful Stefan Hudobivnik is to speak about the judiciary to the press.
        LJUBLJANA -Polish Ambassador Maciej Szymanski is to pay a farewell visit to Foreign Minister Dimitrij Rupel.

WEDNESDAY, 28 August
        VIENNA - Foreign Minister Dimitrij Rupel is to attend in an informal meeting of his counterparts from the countries taking part in the Human Security Network.
        GORNJA RADGONA - Several events are to take place on the margin of the 40th international agriculture and food fair:
- the parliamentary agriculture, food and forestry committee is to hold an extraordinary session discussing the preparedness of the Slovene food-processing industry for EU membership
- EU Ambassador to Slovenia Erwan Fouere and Slovene Agriculture Minister Franci But are to take part in a panel on the future of the EU's common agricultural policy and Slovene agriculture
- debate, organised by the Government Office for European Affairs and the Agriculture Ministry, on EU membership negotiations from the aspect of agriculture.

THURSDAY, 29 August
        LJUBLJANA - Serbia's Agriculture Minister Dragan Veselinov is to begin a several-day working visit upon the invitation of his Slovene counterpart. Veselinov is to meet with several Slovene officials, including head of the Slovene Veterinary Administration Zoran Kovac, and visit the Gornja Radgona agriculture fair.
        DUBLIN - Minister of Labour, Family and Social Affairs Vlado Dimovski is to take part in a forum organised by the Dublin Foundation from 29 to 30 August. Representatives from EU members and candidates as well as the U.S. are to debate challenges for the European Social Model.
        HELSINBORG - Foreign Minister Dimitrij Rupel is to partake in a regional conference on conflict prevention, through 30 August.
        CELJE - Upon the completion of preparations for an international military exercise of the Multinational Land Force, the Defence Ministry is to give a press conference.

FRIDAY, 30 August
        GORNJA RADGONA - As part of the 40th agriculture fair, a panel is to be organised by the Slovene Farmers' Trade Union to touch on Slovene farmers' demands on Slovenia's way to the EU.
        OPICINA - A panel on ethnic minorities' political dilemmas is to open the 37th gathering called Draga 2002. The traditional event is organised by the Society of Slovene Intellectuals from Italy's Trieste, to close on 1 September.

SATURDAY, 31 August
        GORNJA RADGONA - The 40th international agriculture and food fair - hosting over 1,480 exhibitors from 21 countries - is to wind up. The Slovene and Serb agriculture ministers are to expected to visit it.

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