STA Coverage on Monday, 17 February

Ljubljana, 16 February - The STA English service will cover the following events on Monday, 17 February:

BUDAPEST - Slovenian President Janez Drnovsek is to be begin a two-day red-carpet visit to Hungary in what is his first official visit abroad after he became the country's new president. After meetings with his host, President Ferenc Madl and Prime Minister Peter Medgyessy, a statement to the press is scheduled for 5:30 PM.

LJUBLJANA - Slovenia's role in the international community is to be discussed by a panel of six Slovenian political analysts late in the afternoon.

LJUBLJANA - Finance Minister Dusan Mramor is to speak to the press about his ministry's priorities.

NOVA GORICA - EU Ambassador to Slovenia Erwan Fouere is to visit the border city of Nova Gorica as part of a Europe Day there.

CATEZ OB SAVI - The Customs Office of Brezice is to be set up and presented by director of the Customs Administration (CURS) Franc Kosir.

LJUBLJANA - The Mladinsko Theatre (SMG) is to give a press conference before travelling to Belgrade to play three of its productions there from 20 and 22 February.

LJUBLJANA - Press review.

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