STA Coverage on Thursday, 2 October

Ljubljana, 1 October - The STA English service will cover the following events on Thursday, 2 October:

KRSKO - The Slovenian-Croatian NEK commission is to hold its fourth session. The commission is in charge of monitoring the implementation of the bilateral treaty on the jointly-owned power station, NEK. Statement to the press most likely at 6.30 PM.

BRUSSELS - The interior and justice ministers, Rado Bohinc and Ivan Bizjak, are to take part in a two-day monthly meeting of their counterparts from the EU and acceding countries.

LJUBLJANA - Government is to convene for its weekly session; a bill to implement the state budgets for 2004 and 2005 is to be discussed.

LJUBLJANA - Parliament is to complete its September session.

LJUBLJANA - At 4 PM, Ljubljana Mayor Danica Simsic and her counterpart from Helsinki Eva Riitte Siitonen are to give a statement to the press.

PORTOROZ - The beginning of a two-day event "Days of Public Procurement".

LJUBLJANA - Ljubljanski sejem, the company managing the Ljubljana fairgrounds, is to present the 50th international fair Contemporary Electronics, from 7 to 10 October.

BLED - The Slovenian Slavic Congress is to begin, focussing on the prospects of Slovenian language studies as the country joins the EU.

LJUBLJANA - Press review.

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