Stock Market Indices Fall Amidst Allegations of Wrongdoing

Ljubljana, 2 October - The Ljubljana Stock Exchange (LJSE) saw bearish trading on Thursday in the wake of allegations that the LJSE management had been involved in fictitious deals. The benchmark SBI 20 index fell almost 64 points within the first hour of trading, but then recovered somewhat to close the day down 60.53 points over Wednesday, at 3,529.14 points. The dropping trend was evident in other indices as well.

Benchmark Index, SBI 20            3,529.14 pts down 60.53 pts  (-1.69%)
Investment Companies' Index, PIX   2,998.01     down 38.31      (-1.26%)
Free Market Index, IPT	           2,960.78     down 60.01      (-1.99%)
Bond Index, BIO                      116.12     down  0.01       (0.00%)
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