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Last file of armored vehicles left the Brnik airport today

Ljubljana, 5 July - According to the information given by the Minister of Information, Mr. Jelko Kacin, the last file of armored vehicles left the Brnik airport today at 1.30 p.m. There are no Yugoslav armed forces at the airport anymore. Mr. Jelko Kacin also said that the Slovenian side has began to decrease the numbers of its territorial defence. Approximately 10,000 soldiers of the territorial defence have left their positions. The blockades in Ljubljana are also being removed. Traffic is proceeding over the border crossings normally again. The vehicles which served as barricades on the roads leading to Ljubljana are being replaced with steel obstructions. Prisoners of war, who are on their way home, are collecting in Ljubljana. Mr. Kacin has affirmed some information which has been arriving from the Republic of Croatia. The units of the Yugoslav armed forces have began to execute various preventive and defence measures due to the number of soldiers who are escaping from them. Thus, in Karlovac, a mine field has been placed behind the fence of the barracks there. Telegrams are being sent from the units of the Yugoslav armed forces to the addresses of the escaped soldiers, in which they notify them that military court procedures have been sprung against them. Mr. Kacin also stated that the Croatian authorities for internal affairs are retaining or even recruiting Slovenian soldiers, who have escaped from the Yugoslav armed forces, into their units of the National Guard, despite the interventions of the Slovenian government.

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