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Starting points of the economic policy in Slovenia

Ljubljana, 26 July - The Executive Council of the Republic of Slovenia discussed the starting points of the economic policy to be implemented by the Republic of Slovenia during the next three months. The war in Slovenia has shaken the foundations of business life, since according to the first assessments to be completed, actual national production has dropped by about 16% in 1991. The greatest real plunge is expected in the catering and tourist industry, the domains of transport and communication, construction, industrial production and forestry. After the war and the passing of the Brioni Agreement, the Slovene economy must face heightened foreign currency solvency problems, a decrease in the sale of Slovene goods on the Yugoslav markets, outstanding bills for Slovene goods already delivered to companies in the other Yugoslav republics and the seizure of property owned by Slovene companies in the other Yugoslav republics. The capital inflow from the other republics has decreased by about 40% during the first three weeks of July in comparison with June, while Slovenia's capital outflow has decreased only by about 15% Because of the drop in the Slovene population's purchasing power, sales on the Slovene market have also decreased. Grat difficulties are also encountered in maintaining business relations with foreign partners, in exporting and in the acquisition of raw materials from abroad and on the Yugoslav market.

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