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Elected slovene delegation for negotiations regarding disunion from SFRY

Ljubljana, 31 July - The Assembly of the Republic of Slovenia has today elected the 12 member delegation, which will participate in the Federal Assembly in negotiations regarding the process of disunion from the present SFRY. The delegation will be lead by Mr. Vitodrag Pukl, the vice president of the Slovene Assembly, who described the task of the mentioned delegation to the Slovene Press Agency: "The objective of the delegation will be to reach an agreement about the nature of the dissolution process, about solving the current but primarily economic problems, about the nature of the federal jurisdiction during the transitory period and about the nature of all future relations between the states of the former Yugoslavia. Our delegation has an imperative mandate, which means that it is entirely bound to the stance of the Slovene Assembly, which will initiate the starting position of our negotiations and will also confirm all our agreements and conclusions. Our negotiating partner will be the Federal assembly because the other issues will be dealt by other delegations. The subject of our negotiations will, under no circumstance be our independence or sovereignty, since we are entering these negotiations as an independent and a sovereign state. We must be aware that we are actually still a part of the Yugoslav community, which is why these negotiations for the separation from this community are necessary".

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