The Slovenian Minister of Industry for STA

Ljubljana, 8 September - Izidor Rejc, Minister of Industry of the Government of Slovenia, told STA, among other things, that unsolvency remains to be the major problem of the Slovenian economy. Due to the economic embargo, Slovenia has lost the Yugoslav market, and due to a lack of finances the Eastern European markets have also been closed. Finances are not arriving from abroad, because foreigners still view Slovenia as a dangerous region. Some signs from Austria, Germany and Italy show that better times are ahead, as these countries are prepared to guarantee for Slovenian companies. Minster Rejc also announced that the boycott of Slovenian products on the Yugoslav market will gradually end, as these are products of high quality and are in high demand on these markets, while business relations are generally good. The economic situation will have to return to normal, as it is only possible to live from work.

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