Repeated claims for the diplomatic acknowledgement of Slovenia and Croatia

Ljubljana, 12 September - The Slovenian bureau in Vienna communicated that Paul Burgstaller, a representative in the federal parliament and the president of the Slovenian - Austrian Society, demanded an immediate diplomatic acknowledgement of Slovenia and Croatia. Burgstaller reportedly stated that the continuing irresolution of the socialist federal chancellor Franz Vranicky can not be advocated any more and that an immediate session of the Federal Austrian Parliament is mandatory. The consequences of the diplomatic acknowledgement would be the incorporation of the neighboring countries into the community of nations as well as the internationalization of the war in Croatia that could thus be brought under the auspices of the United Nations. Paul Burgstaller, as a representative of the National Party, ascertains that the necessity of help for the neighbors in need can not be set aside by any logically appealing argument. "Here and now must the Austrian democracy acknowledge the political responsibility to stop the bloodshed and further enable the Austrians to look into each other's eyes", concluded the president of the Slovenian - Austrian Society.

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