EC observers should come to Zadar

Rome, 14 September - Because of the dramatic call issued by the President of the Assembly of the city of Zadar, which suggests that the Yugoslav Army is ready at any moment now to attack this city, the Italian foreign minister, De Michelis demanded that European community send its observers to Zadar. Mr. De Michelis is in Venice, holding talks with the German foreign minister, Mr. Genscher about the current circumstances in Yugoslavia. All of the ambassadors from the two countries, who are stationed at most Balkan capitals, are also present at these talks. The Italian foreign ministry has delegated its ambassador to Belgrade, to meet the Federal Defence Minister, Kadijević and ask him to explain this supposed threat. Furthermore, the Italian consul at Zagreb was told to meet with the President of the Republic of Croatia, Dr. Tudjman.

© STA, 1991