60.000 more jobs in the next four years

Celje, 19 September - A working session of the House of the Associated Labour of the Slovenian General Assembly convened today in the Chamber of Trades to discuss a single topic: the state of trades in Slovenia. The representatives of the Chamber of Trades disclosed their demands concerning the legislature, monetary and financial system, foreign trade management and the role of the Chamber of Trades. The craftsmen assure the Slovenian government that the fulfillment of their demands will crate 60.000 new jobs in the next four years as well as raise the share of the trades in the GNP from 7 to 17%. The Minister of Legislature, Mr. Lojze Janko, stressed the four top priorities that in his view should be realized ASAP. They are: to pass a new constitution, to create a new market based economic system, to form modern legislature and to pass measures of the current economic policies. The Minister of Finances, Mr. Dušan Šešok, emphasized his support for the demands of the craftsmen assuring them that the government will shortly deal with the measures aimed at relieving the position of the trades, the current task of the government being the cleansing of the big economic systems and the redirection of the economy towards West-European markets. The government will do whatever is in its power, promised Mr. Šešok, while the craftsmen should on their turn enable the creation of 15.000 new jobs in the next year.

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