The Reservists are Sent Home

Ljubljana, 21 September - The reservists who have been demonstrating for the past few days before the building of the municipal assembly of Velika Plana (a village some 80km from Belgrade) returned their weapons and equipment yesterday and returned to their homes. The Serbian Minister of Defense ensured them, that they will not be penalized, reports our reporter. Today's issue of Borba, among other things, reports that the entire battalion of the reserve units of the Yugoslav army, which was mobilized on Sunday in Bogosavec near Šabac, left their rallying-point, and all the reservists returned to their homes. Following their return to Bogatić, the reservists broke into a military sector, and then organized a meeting in the center of this town, which was attended by roughly two thousand reservists and their parents. At the meeting, the reservists stressed that they should not be seen as traitors merely because they don't want to go to the Croatia battlegrounds, and, at the same time, demanded that someone explain Serbia's military goals and define the borders which are they are supposed to be fighting for. The daily newspaper Borba also reports on a protest voiced by the parents of the reservists from Temerin, who are heading in four buses and a long line of personal autos towards Ruma, where their sons are currently waiting for orders dispatching them to the battlegrounds in Croatia. They were told that they were being sent to Temerin for shooting practice, and then were transported to locations near Vukovar with the assignment of relieving the reservists who where mobilized when the first fighting broke out. At that time in Vukovar the fighting was very heavy, so they could not reach their destinations and so were sent back to Ruma.

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