Croatia Calls upon Markovič and Lončar to Resign

Zagreb, 21 September - Croatian leadership today called upon President of the Federal Government, Ante Marković and Federal Minister of Foreign Affairs, Budimir Lončar, to resign. "Both, who are from Croatia, no longer represent any party," stated Croatia Foreign Minister, Zvonimir Šeparovič, at a press conference for foreign journalists. "Marković and Lončar worked against the interests of Croatia and for the communist illusion of Yugoslavia, which no longer exists." The new Croatian Minister of Defense, Gojko Sušak, stated that after today's session of the government Croatian President, Dr. Franjo Tuđman, sent a new peace proposal to General Veljko Kadijević. Tuđman proposes that he and Kadijević issue a joint command for the cease of all activities of the units under their command. These orders would begin to be put into force today at 19:00 hrs and be completed tomorrow at noon, following the eventual positive reply from Kadijević.

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