The third working party will start working on economic questions

Ljubljana, 26 September - The Slovenian Minister of Exterior, dr. Dimitrij Rupel, after returning from the third meeting of the Peace Conference on Yugoslavia expressed his opinion, that the meeting is progressing in the right direction. On Monday the third working party will start to operate, concentrating on economic questions. The Federal Secretary of Judicial Affairs, dr. Kambovski, who was replacing Mr. Lončar, supported the idea of a third working party stating that the weary Yugoslav economy is in need of assistance. Lord Carrington elucidated the significance of the third working party, since the future economic relations between the republics are at stake. Addressing the initiative that the plenary meetings should be suspended during the activities of the working parties, the Croatian representative stressed the need for the continuation of the Conference since the moratorium is soon to expire. The next meeting is thus scheduled for next Thursday, when the working parties should present their reports and the delegations will receive a questionnaire to clear the issues concerning the questions of secession, diplomatic acknowledgement, borders, minorities and succession. Dr. Rupel also presented the views of Slovenia after the expiration of the moratorium. He stressed that the presence of European observers is no more needed after the end of moratorium, also the presence of international peace forces in Slovenia or its immediate neighborhood is unwelcome. dr. Rupel met separately with Lord Carrington today to discuss certain unsettled issues regarding the independence of Slovenia. Lord Carrington stressed at the meeting that more interest should be given to problems that grant a future solution instead of to the historical background, that is not of prime importance at the moment. At present the identity of the Slovenian representative in the third working party or his points of view are still not known. This will be decided by the National Assembly. dr. Rupel also told the reporters that the cooperation of representatives of all the minorities in Yugoslavia at the Peace Conference will be sought for.

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