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Carrington, Wijnaendts and Tudjman

Ljubljana, 13 November - A little after 12 a.m., talks began at the Graz airport in Austria between the representatives of the European Community, headed by Lord Carrington together with European Community's special envoy Henry Wijnaendts with the Croatian representatives headed by the president Franjo Tudjman. The meeting was held behind closed doors and lasted approximately an hour and a half. After the talks, the special consultant to president Tudjman, Mario Nobilo stated that talks concerned a model for solving the Croatian war. It is a matter of a more successful model for achieving a cease-fire and sending of peace forces to Croatia. He did not go into further details, mentioning only that the they discussed where these forces would be stationed and what their numbers should be. Apart from this, they also talked about the continuation of the peace conference, in relation to which the Croatian side persists with its demand on unconditional end to hostilities. Lord Carrington has left Graz on his way to Belgrade, where he will meet with president Milošević and general Kadijević.

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