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The Third Day of the Session of the Federal Council of the Transnational Radical Party

Zagreb, 22 November - At the third day of the session of the Federal Council of the Transnational Radical Party most of the discussion was devoted to the situation of Albanians living in Kosovo. "Ever since the end of World War II, Albanians living in Kosovo have been terrorized by the Serbs, and since 1989 this has been organized state terrorism. Since 1981, 100 people have been killed in Kosovo, 84 of these deaths have occurred from 1989 onwards. Some 50,000 Albanians have had to withstand police and juridical investigations, while around 70,000 are unemployed", said president of the Parliament of the Republic of Kosovo, Ilijaz Ramajli. In his speech, he supported need for the international acknowledgement of Slovenia and Croatia, while he said that the best way to show support for the Albanians living in Kosovo would be the acknowledgement of the sovereignty mad independence of the Republic of Kosovo. Marco Panella expressed his fear of the possibility of a compromise being reached in the Hague, which would prevent the Serbs of expanding their borders, while it would leave the Kosovo issue in the hands of the Serbs. Panella also spoke in favor of the acknowledgement of the Republic of Kosovo, and said that true representatives of Albanians in Kosovo should participate at the Hague conference. The participants also said, that the scenario of the conflict in Croatia and in Kosovo even earlier on, was carefully prepared. They also stressed that the Serbs are victims of Slobodan Milošević's policies and that these people will most probably have to bear the consequences of his actions. Despite the communications blockade, they will try to forward these thoughts to the Serbs, and they will also send a letter to the President of Serbia and the Federal Secretariat of the Peoples' Defense, who are the parties capable of putting an end to the war in Croatia.

© STA, 1991