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The Croatian Democratic Alliance (CDA) responsible for the situation in Croatia

Ljubljana, 23 November - At today's political tribune titled "From the Hague to Vukovar" the oppositional Croatian Democratic Party cautioned that the poor policies of the ruling party CDA brought Croatia to the present difficult situation. Croatian politics are based upon the wrong assumption that a peaceful disassociation with Serbia is possible rather on the fact that Serbia is the occupator. The other mistake is the false pledge to the Croatian people stating that the European Community will acknowledge the Republic of Croatia, even though it does not control its territory. The opinion that they have neglected the fact that Europe above all looks after its own interests, both when cooperating in the foundation of the first Yugoslavia as well as the current attempt to reanimate Yugoslavia, was emphasized at today's tribune. Despite the conditions of war, warns the oppositional party, the consequences will be grave, if the Croatian nation will not democratically decide on its fate. The leadership is concentrated in the hands of the President of the Republic of Croatia, which is in contrast with the constitution. The government does not have influence on foreign policy and armed defense. Croatia needs unity, but only the unity of a free and pensive people. A leadership which is under the supervision of the public is the guarantee for a nation.

© STA, 1991