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Rupel on a visit to Canada

Ljubljana, 28 November - The Minister of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Slovenia, dr. Dimitrij Rupel, met with the Canadian Minister of Foreign Affairs, Mrs. Barbara Mc Dougall, yesterday. The Canadian Minister of Foreign Affairs was forbearing regarding dr. Rupel's visit and stressed, that it came about at the right time. She was particularly interested in the current international status of the Republic of Slovenia adding that she is looking with sympathies at our Republic. She did stress however that she is quite aware of the differencies in the statuses of Slovenia and Croatia. The economic sanctions, that were endorsed also by Canada, should be viewed upon as a matter of solidarity with other countries that acted likewise. They should contribute to the solution of the Yugoslav problems. As for Canada, it is of utmost importance that the armed conflicts stop and that the peace negotiations continue, eventually leading to an acceptable solution of the problems for all the parties involved. According to Mrs. Mc Dougall Canada will condone any outcome of the negotiations. The Canadian Minister of Foreign Affairs inquired also on the attitude of other European states regarding the diplomatic recognition of Slovenia and on which countries would be willing to recognize our Republic.

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