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Genscher: Slovenia need not be afraid

Ljubljana, 12 December - "Regarding the diplomatic recognition, Slovenia has nothing to be afraid of", stated the German Minister of Foreign Affairs, Mr. Hans-Dietrich Genscher, over a phone conversation with his Slovenian colleague, Dr. Dimitrij Rupel. The conversation revolved around the proposition voiced by their French colleague, Mr. Francois Dumas, that the diplomatic recognition of all new states (not just those on the territory of the former Yugoslavia) should be decided upon according to a list of six conditions. They mostly involve the demands of preserving the existing inner and outer borders, readiness to resolve all the conflicts by consent only, compliance to the Paris and Helsinki charters etc. Following demands that Germany should wait with the diplomatic recognition of Slovenia due to the ongoing peace process in Yugoslavia, Mr. Genscher stated, thus Rupel, that there are no ongoing peace processes in Yugoslavia and that there is nothing to wait for. According to Mr. Genscher only Greece and Great Britain oppose the diplomatic recognition of Slovenia and Croatia, but he deems probable that even Great Britain will soften its stern opposition. The British stance regarding the diplomatic recognition of Slovenia will be one of the topics of the conversations between Dr. Rupel and the British Minister of Foreign Affairs, Mr. Douglas Hurd, at their meeting in Brussels this Monday. On Tuesday Dr. Rupel will discuss economic questions with the member of the European Commission, Mr. Abel Matutes.

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