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U.S. diplomats in Ljubljana

Ljubljana, 13 December - at the invitation of the Slovene Foreign Ministry, Consul-general of the U.S.A. to Zagreb Michael Einik arrived on an official visit in Ljubljana today. STA has been informed that the Ministry communicated to the American diplomat Slovenia's disapproval due to America's unselective economic sanctions against all former Yugoslav republics implemented by Washington, as it is obvious these sanctions will affect Slovenia the most and least of all Serbia and the Yugoslav Army (YA) - i.e. those chiefly responsible for the war and the escalation of the crisis. It was stressed by Slovenia's representatives during the talks that Slovenia finds the U.S. standpoint in regard to the recognition of Slovenia, Croatia and the other republics that so wish, surprising and that the current policy of official Washington, as also the pressure the United States are putting on some of the European states, differ greatly from the standpoint otherwise professed by the U.S.A. to leave the leading initiative in solving the Yugoslav crisis to the European Community.

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